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Berlin Artspark

Berlin Artspark is a speculative architectural proposal that explores how subjective urban experience can generate a new kind of civic architecture. The project proposes a cultural centre of theatres, open air cinemas and markets in the heart of Berlin; pieced together from translated fragments of our everyday experiences of the city.

Mixed Media Art

Collage & Narrative

Each piece describes a journey, a sequence of spaces and experiences. Orthographic architectural drawings and perspectival views are fused together in a collage of layered giclee print and etched brass fragments.

The relief drawings are subsequently bathed in the light of a film projector with images from our everyday urban lives to explore a unique, psychological encounter with the spaces of the Artspark; activating the colours and memories in the subjective gaze of the individual. 


Berlin Artspark Cover Feature: Jiricna's Right Royal Show, (2013). Architects Journal. 

Click here to read the online edition.

Additional Information

Original pieces:

40 x 50 cm relief drawings, comprising three layers of giclee print with brass pieces. 


50 x 70 cm print on Hahnemuhle German etching  paper (310gsm matt textured), with and without projected film images on original pieces.

Images for Berlin Artspark are copyrighted.
© 2012 Mina Gospavic

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