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Things Can Change

Graphic Art

Things can change in a short period of time. A pandemic sweeps this world and suddenly a radical systemic shift takes place to protect human life. The economy was deemed to be fragile in the first place – obsessively nursed to by those who watch the GDP rate rise and fall with seismic events like Brexit. Yet suddenly, economic growth is chucked out of the bathwater. Our national budget is unquestioningly redistributed and siphoned out of one place to another in an orchestrated battle to keep our people, services and economy alive.


We are still in this moment, which doesn’t have a clear beginning or a fixed end and happily resists chronology. Yet this crisis like many before it has triggered a mutation in the programme, structure and form of our lives. This collection of work explores this topology – a study of how the world around us is undergoing a continuous transformation without leading to total destruction. It is a discovery of dynamic space, one that stretches and bends but does not break or tear.

Controlled Deformation

Branching forms, catenary arches and tensile lines form new visual fields that deserve to be scrutinized. Repeating, slipping, and fading lines reveal a mutating event which the eye can wander through and explore. It isn’t always easy to distinguish forms as they propagate and intersect across the page; yet these seemingly random qualities pose opportunities; colour clashes, new geometries, moire optical illusions. Deformation can be manipulated, both by my hand and that of the software used to create them.

Additional Information


50 x 70 cm print on Hahnemuhle German etching  paper (310gsm matt textured)

Images for Things Can Change are copyrighted.
© 2023 Mina Gospavic

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